28 March 2016

Outdoor Exploration with Poler

 Photos by Marvin Conanan

A weekend away from the city is something most urban-dwellers look forward to from time to time. The semi-tuning off, partnered with the sound of waves crashing and the ocean breeze, is something to daydream about. Everyone, either those into active outdoor lifestyle or those who just prefer a relaxing getaway, will find tranquility in a naturally breathtaking coast. That is what Camp Vibes of Poler is all about, a celebration of the outdoor for all sorts of individuals. They hosted and invited us to an overnight escape to express these ideas early this month. Accompanied by the team behind Poler Philippines, we camped out at the shores of Anvaya Cove, Bataan to experience a serene yet uplifting atmosphere of the outdoors. The co-existence of our busyness as people with the calmness of nature delivered a clear message that once in a while, we needed this. A quick break from the bustling, and rather almost always demanding modern life, indicating the other importances of life.


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