07 March 2016

Purveyr Magazine at Hey Neighbor! in The Belle and Dragon

 Photos by Marvin Conanan

Though we are still in the process of creating the recap post for the Purveyr Magazine Launch Tour, we're going to give you a short preview of it through our encore event with The Belle and Dragon. It was a night of vinyl sets by The Diegos and Mulan. The night was started by Mulan with house and disco beats, keeping it chill and easy until he brings in a more uplifting vibe to dictate the night's mood. As midnight drew closer, with alcohol levels come just right at the middle of "new-found confidence" and "I've had enough", plus groovy tracks that blanket the whole space from stacks of records beside the DJs, it felt like we're in another era. Followed by The Diegos, the ambiance gets even more lively. They provide beats after beats of blues, soul, hiphop and RnB. Then as people danced, jello shots were brought out, as if it's a college party all-over again, though it feels more like music appreciation with a kick than alcohol overdose like in most college parties. It's truly a night of experience, a great moment to close out the Launch Tour. The Belle and Dragon promises the same pleasure every Thursday at their Hey Neighbor! nights. Check it out, we recommend it. 


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