29 March 2016

Skaa comes through with his debut mixtape Part of the Plan

Skaa is a new name in hiphop. Hailing from Makati, he started writing rhymes at the age of 15,  a sign of his heavy passion with music. Citing J. Cole as his favorite artist, the American rapper's influence is also apparent to the tracks Skaa has been releasing from 2014 to present. After managing to gain some buzz, he now steps his game up with his debut mixtape titled "Part of the Plan". This 7-track project provides a soothing laidback vibe but with hints of heavy flows to bring you back to the hiphop path if in case you find yourself in a rather more chill state. The music lays the paths for which Skaa flows his words, ranging from his real-life stories to personal thoughts that he wishes to share. Listen to them below, or click here to download these joints for free.


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