16 March 2016

Spindle Magazine from London talks with Willar Mateo of Salad Day

Founding editor Heather Spindle features Willar Mateo and his brand Salad Day in an interview on Spindle Magazine, a contemporary lifestyle guide based in London. Detailing his off-beat creative process and background, the interview features a glimpse into the inner workings of the designer. In addition, the interview also has a short playlist. In the article, he was asked what his ultimate customer would be like, he jests, "my consumer is 40% unicorn lover, 20% prince/princess, 30% internet freaks and 10% stupid". Mostly made by designer Willar Mateo himself, the brand has attracted a following with its in-your-face-cute aesthetic that is made with couture craftsmanship. Manila's favorite candy colored clothing brand Salad Day is known for its Japanese bubblegum sensibilities and patchwork jackets. Read more about the interview from Spindle Magazine here.

Source: Spindle Magazine


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