08 March 2016

THE Clothing Cancel Death Capsule Collection

They say that age is just a number. Well, maybe. Or maybe it is a precursor to death, making it a factor to the product of fear. The dress that the future dons when we see him dancing beyond the horizon. Or maybe it is a tool that The Man has mastered to dictate the lives that we live. It's blackness the ink used to write the rules: before you die, reach this set of goals. Do some #ADULTING. Buy big boy toys. Else, you are nothing but a failure. From the rebellious souls over at THE Clothing, here's a flip of the middle finger. Presenting the Cancel Death Capsule Collection. Featuring two t-shirts and a pullover hoodie jacket, with graphics involving Peter Pan and the Death Angel. The message is loud and clear, with the white and black tees having front and back prints that play around the lines "One Step Behind" and "Never Grow Up". The hoodie jacket has a custom woven patch label and printings on the sleeves, the words "Cancel" and "Death" on the left and right, respectively. For the free spirit in you, because only one mandate matters: live young forever.


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