01 March 2016

Yardstick's new Mocha for a more balanced taste

As one of the first players in the third-wave coffee industry in the country, Yardstick set the standard of specialty coffee with their unique offerings and quality selection of espressos. Since opening in 2013, they have been serving up the usuals - black, white, daily brew, cold brew & other coffee-based drinks, hot chocolate & tea for their non-coffee concoctions, and some concept coffee items like the Yard Shake & Mocha, Deconstructed - and just adding more stuff on the menu (both food & drink) along the way. As they are meticulous with their coffee, Yardstick constantly improves their offerings tweaking recipes to better serve their customers. Just recently, they ventured into #TheBetterMochaMovement by changing their mocha recipe that gives off that espresso-chocolate balance as most mochas are more chocolatey than its other espresso half. Hot or iced, Yardstick's mocha proves to taste of coffee perfectly blended with bittersweet cacao.


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