28 April 2016

A 20-Foot Container Van Turns Into Every Surfer's Dream Abode

If there is a place a wave rider would love to wake up to, it would be Buji Libarnes's 60's inspired abode along La Union's beach. Compact and laid-back, this 20-foot-container-van-turned-70-sqm-home only reflects what the owner-slash-architect-designer loves: surfing, the 60's, and Japanese architecture. Buji shares that he also had the cult classic film "The Endless Summer" and the Case Study Houses of Los Angeles as his inspiration. What characterizes the place though, is the disciplined geometry which is softened by aged wood paneling and glass jalousies. The vintage articles -- a black rotary phone, his favorite blue Hitachi fan, various knickknacks, and vinyl sounds -- plus his Mini Cooper wedged inside the indoor garage also added even more character and lightness into this space tagged by L'Officiel Manila as "The Coolest Spot in La Union". To know more about its details and a tidbit of Buji's story, read here.

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