18 April 2016

Artist and Maker Kiko Escora shares his origin with Red Bull

Photos by Kiko Escora

Red Bull features Manila artist Kiko Escora and the story of his creative origins. From drawing his toys in childhood to spearheading the local fixed gear bike scene, he narrates how his passion have become his way of life. In citing the influences found in his art, he said “I rely more on references or pegs nowadays: Images from magazines, the Internet, and even my own photographs – I use them all. Whereas before, I tended to invent my own imagery more often; stylized versions of my reality. In both styles, it is the evolution of subject or content that is more important for me. The work has to have a life of its own eventually.” Allowing legroom for evolution is key to all artists’ growth. Having won the Cultural Center of the Philippines Thirteen Artists Award earlier in his painting and drawing career, his personal style has since evolved.

So has his interests, as he continues to design custom frames for fixed gear bicycles under the name ManilaAnimal. His frequent collaborators include Cainta’s Ave Maldea, Thai indie bike company Silotype, as well as local favorites The Project and Team Manila under the brand JEPROX. “It’s the closest thing to flying, I guess. There’s just air enclosed in an inch of rubber separating you from the ground that’s also making you ‘float’ in the air. It’s hard to explain but it’s easy to do,” he muses about his passion for biking. Read more about his story at Red Bull's website.

Source: Red Bull


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