04 April 2016

Calix at it again with his new track The Peon Hour

Hip hop artist Calix is a man that remains anonymous to almost all local heads. His personal facebook account and page are filled with photos depriving any clue of his physical appearance. But his presence in the scene is a different story. His music is a breathe of fresh air to local trap music. With instrumentals that make your head bump and your body groove, he spits lines that depict the current status quo. Know for yourself with his latest song The Peon Hour. This time, he focuses on the people left with no choice but to toil hard just to put food on the table and pay for basic necessities. He then goes for a tongue-lashing of some powerful personalities, his anger echoing the cry of the masses that he stand for. If you dig his songs, then better stay tuned because this track is included in his upcoming project titled Breakout Satirist.


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