06 April 2016

Diego Castillo talks about his Passion for Vinyls on Satchmi Stories

Photos by MV Isip

If there is one person to learn about vinyl records from, it's got to be Diego Castillo. In this interview feature by Satchmi, one would see that before being a musician, a DJ, a radio host, and part-owner of burger joint Sweet Ecstasy, Diego is first a vinyl junkie who, as he spills, started his collection when he was still a kid in 1995. He further shared his anecdotes about the records throughout the dialogue --- how he discovered his love for the medium, why he preferred it over others, the experience and the story of each piece, his favorites, criteria when looking around for new ones to add to his already massive collection, and the memorable things that happened through his pursuit. By the end of the conversation, he left an insight on choosing the kind of music to love, which is the biggest takeaway from this interview. To know what it is, click here for his interview with Satchmi.


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