22 April 2016

Have some four-wheeled fun with the Seriously Bro skate video

When Brewed Homies was hyping up Seriously Bro, they definitely meant serious business. With all four featured riders having their heads shaved, local skaters knew that they're gonna see full parts of gnarly shreading. Then the intro rolls, and it goes the way it should be: fun. Dancing, horseplaying, and other antics captured the essential ingredient to the sense of camaraderie skateboarding manages to forge. First part belonged to Gieram Villasanta, and he made his mark with his barrage of tricks, closing it out with a kickflip to bank on a crusty ditch. Carl Mendoza brought his signature style of steady slides and grinds, with that fast yet relaxed appearance amidst the ledges and rails that he demolished. And of course, all the homies need to have an intermission part first. Then Armando CariƱo brings his take on raw street skating, with different wallies and no complies to booth. His last trick is reminiscent of American pro Jack Johnson in Static IV, with that massive wallride guaranteeing a good dose of adrenaline. The one and only Commander Cobra, Jerwin "Spanky" Santos, comes through with a two-song last part. Good thing he has a really deep bag of tricks, leading to a stoke-inducing and entertaining closer. Produced in partnership with NorKal and Dasma Lokals Skate Films, and released online via Brewed Homies and THE Clothing.


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