12 April 2016

KLTRD partners with Slick Barbers Co.

As KLTRD continues to set their sights on a progressive Makati subulture and community, they reaches out to another Makati-based lifestyle brand, the barbers of Yague St., Slick Barbers Co. Both brands coincide in their mission to cultivate their turf, which is why it's not surprising to hear about this collaboration. KLTRD produced a capsule collection that includes a commemorative t-shirt and a natural pomade created by Satinka Naturals. The proceeds from this collection will also go to the renovation of the shop of Slick Barbers Co. Drop by at Yague St., Makati City this coming Saturday, April 16, 2016 to show your support. The collaboration capsule collection will be available then, plus a surprise release exclusively for the SBCo. crew. 


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