25 April 2016

MHC pays homage to classic workwear with THE REBIRTH

Founded in 2012, MHC's initial collection was 'Barrels and Antlers' (their version of Christmas time in the city), followed by a summertime collection in collaboration with STNDRDS. And then after a two-year hiatus, Most High Co. is back at it with THE REBIRTH, going back to the brand's roots and taking a look into what time has molded it to become.

Classic workwear serves as the foundation of the new collection, each piece with a story worth telling. For instance, the trousers don't look as plain and simple as you think. Reach for the inside pocket and you'll see the words Tiwala, a simple reminder that an empty pocket is not the end of the world. Likewise, the work jacket is not just an elementary garment, a quote saying how work isn't everything is plastered on the inside, only for the wearer. Scraps of denim are patched together to make up the bucket hat, a telltale reminder that something beautiful can be created out of the seemingly useless when they come together as a whole.


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