15 April 2016

Proudrace brings on major nostalgia in their TRAGICYOUTH collection

Proudrace releases a personal 90s nostalgia collection called TRAGICYOUTH. Manila’s front-running luxury streetwear is back with elevated slouchy basics punched with the parody prints that they have become known for. Featuring leather aprons, oversized biker jackets and fur-lined coats, TRAGICYOUTH is a unisex collection that alludes to the wave of do-it-yourself deconstruction, laced with childhood memories of creative director Rik Rasos. Combining lingerie with sportswear fabric, the collection also features women's pieces. Joining the bandwagon of seasonless collections, Proudrace transitions to a more efficient schedule which will minimize excess production.

In their interview for L'Officiel Manila, when asked about how their approach may have changed, they said “It does feel like a rebirth. This year we are just more determined to do what we want and care less. It was a formula that always worked when we started this label. We learned how to have fun again.”


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