11 April 2016

Purveyrgram Visuals From Sounds #1: Similarobjects

As part of our ongoing Visual Maker program; Purveyrgram, we present you our latest challenge series; Visuals From Sounds. It is an initiative from Purveyrgram to expose different Filipino Visual Makers to production of visual art inspired by certain sounds. It is also a way to build a bridge between two types of artists; visual and audio. And with an end goal of becoming an inspiration for creation and growth of both in unison.

To kick it off, we partnered with sound expert and music producer, Similarobjects for the first sound. This is a members-only challenge, so if you have not applied to the program yet, better do so now at the Purveyrgram page. The Purveyr team with Similarobjects will judge the entries who best represent the sound and choose the winners on May 10, 2016. (Updated) The winner will be featured on the Purveyrgram Instagram account and get Php2,000 GC from Sneak Peek store

All valid entries must be from a member of Purveyrgram, and includes the hashtags; #Purveygram & #PVFS1_Similarobjects in the caption. You can listen to or download the sound below. We can't wait to see your creations!


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