05 April 2016

The Beauty of the Philippines through the Wow Tapes

If you think you love the Philippines enough already, think twice and watch this short documentary to find what you could love more about this country of spectacular landscapes, rich culture and tradition, amazing food, and the "warmest people". Prepare to be left in awe as filmmaker Fabio Reitano shows you around the Philippines in just three minutes -- from the remote villages in Northern Luzon, the busy roads of the metropolitan cities Manila and Cebu, to the pristine beaches of Palawan, volcanoes in Mindoro and Albay, to Samar and Leyte, and the waterfalls of Mindanao. One would not help but be amazed by the way movements -- both of humans and in nature -- are captured in the right moments, patched into the video at the right spots, and set against music that is as dramatic as the images filmed. If there is one thing to be said about it, however, it would be that this documentary is what comes out of the marriage of sheer beauty and incredible skill.


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