04 April 2016

Your Favorite Comfort Food Delivered Right at Your Doorstep

Picture this. You're home alone and you're stomach starts to grumble, what do you do? There's no food in the fridge, you don't know how to drive, and the nearest store is nowhere near walking distance. You start to get hangry (you know, irritable as a result of hunger) so you result to your favorite fastfood chain for food delivery. But then, you go on Instagram, and you see your friends posting about how good their dinner is or how photogenic the dishes are from their favorite restaurants -- food porn, basically. Now, you start craving and fastfood just wouldn't do, so you just wish there was a way to have the same thing at the comfort of your own home. Well, now you can have your favorite roast chicken from SeƱor Pollo, complete with spicy rice, fried plantains or whatever side you want, or those out-of-this-world hotdogs and burgers from Lazy Bastard where they add bacon to everything, at home on your bed while binge-watching missed television shows. There's also Backyard Kitchen and Wingman, which are just some of the restaurants I particularly love that I can now enjoy with a simple use of an app. Kanguru lets you order your favorite food with just a tap of a finger. Too bad they only deliver to Makati and Taguig, but no worries, they're already developing ways to get to other areas in the metro.


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