14 April 2016

The Crowdfunding Session features Dissonänce

The third installment of The Polaris Project's The Crowdfunding Session, where they raise awareness and funds for the production of an album of local independent bands and musicians, is happening this Friday. This time, they are featuring the musical collective, Dissonänce. The collective was formed in 2014, when they started out as a trip-hop duo. Today, they have grown to be a collective producing dark and multi-genre music that conveys an almost-suspense-filled vibe and experience. Explained perfectly by the band, their second single Exile is "the music that opens the gates of hell". It's better to listen to it below, to exactly know what they mean. Also, if you like what you're hearing, catch them perform live at the Mow's Bar tomorrow, with other performances by Tarsius, Assembly Generals, Sound Architects and Halina during the night. Get to know more info about upcoming The Crowdfunding Session at their event page.


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