20 April 2016

The HUB: Make Lab to bring life back to Escolta

Escolta Street's rich history dates back to as early as the Spanish colonial days and flourished during the reign of the Americans when it was hailed as the city's business district. It was home to shops and boutiques, modern department stores, and even the Manila Stock Exchange - at least until the modern development and commercialization of other areas in the metro. Three years ago, a group of creatives, 98BCOLLABoratory in partnership with the First United Building, aimed to bring Escolta's reign back with the Saturday X Future Market @ESCOLTA, which is home to numerous independent brands. Through this collaboration, a new and more sustainable concept was born -- The HUB is an incubation space, a conceptual venue, for independent start-up companies trying to jumpstart their business whether it be arts & crafts, food, clothes and accessories, DIY goods, and others. The HUB will follow a pop-up format, where there will be open calls every quarter. Sellers will be chosen based on the following criteria: type of product and proposed booth design. Interested sellers can already apply through their website until April 24.


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