29 April 2016

The Twelfth House releases 5-Panel Caps for the Spring/Summer 16 Vol. 2 Collection

Summertime in the Philippines has always called for safety measures so one can survive the scorching heat. One tip is to protect yourself from the sun by rocking some headwear. If you want to accomplish this in style, then a camper hat is a viable option. Whether you are in the city or having in an out of town trip, wearing a 5-panel cap provides some shade and tops your outfit well, if done right. Choose your weapon from the Spring/Summer 16 Vol. 2 of lifestyle label The Twelfth House. They came up with seven different designs, using various materials to cater to what you'll pull off from your wardrobe. They have some floral-themed ones and rugger-looking pieces, so go and take your pick. Go to their shop in Cubao Expo, Quezon City to see these hats for yourself. You can also opt for online shopping convenience via their online store at www.thetwelfthhouse.com.


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