07 April 2016

Threedown wakes from hiatus with their March 2016 Collection

Heavily rooted in graffiti, skateboarding, BMX, and hip hop, Threedown is a well-known brand for those who are into our local streetwear scene. In terms of merchandise production, they've been on hiatus for almost a year, tinkering to come up with a new take on their apparel. Now they are back, unleashing two shirts for their March 2016 Collection. Their Logo tee rendered in a black shirt bears a Threedown logo above the line "Est. 2009". A reminder that the brand has been at it for years. They definitely clocked in tons of work, from blog posts, events, to skate and bmx videos, and other audio-visual features that has helped their followers gain more insight on our local street culture. Their second offering is the Go For Broke shirt. Printed on a white tee is an image of a twenty-peso bill cut in half, along with the line "Go For Broke". Which tells us enough about Threedown's relentless attitude despite all the odds. Check out their facebook page for all the purchase details.


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