06 May 2016

A Showcase of Local Street Art Talent at the Meeting of Styles Philippines 2016

In it's third year, and the biggest it has ever been, Meeting of Styles Philippines 2016 ended in a high note. It elevated graffiti in another level, of acceptance and understanding. In the 2-day event the focus was just to create, with a lineup of amazing international and local graffiti artists, nothing less was expected. What was once a rebellious act has now become a celebrated arm of art, and probably one of the most grounded. We just hope this continues on, because with talent like these, we think it'll be no time until street art becomes as established as any other art styles here in the country. Peep the works through the photos below, and tell us if that's not something we should be proud about. More photos and info at the Meeting of Styles Philippines 2016 Facebook page.


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