12 May 2016

Apolis' Manila version of the City Series Market Bags arrives at Tenant

Global lifestyle brand Apolis and their city series market bags gets the Manila treatment. The jute bags are exclusively made on demand and features various cities around the world onto its canvas. What's even more special about these bags is that they are handcrafted by a women's cooperative in Bangladesh with an advocacy of helping women put up stable businesses of their own or setting up sufficient college funds for their kids.

Local contemporary lifestyle shop Tenant gets first dibs on the totes which feature the words, "Next Stop Manila" in the front and origin details of the bag in the back, done in true Apolis fashion. We highly suggest getting this for your mom if you haven't done your Mother's Day shopping yet. Heck, get one for yourself even. It looks like the picture-perfect companion for grocery trips or those errand runs.


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