31 May 2016

Bratpack Goes Back to School with #AlwaysInPacks

The school days are almost on our doorsteps. From the gentle hum of the ocean breeze, we'll soon hear our professors' nagging voices instead. The roster of films we watch on Netflix will soon be replaced by papers to submit, and the list goes on. But school won't be just as bad when you have like-minded people around - people whom you share the same interests and ideas with, as well as make fun memories and build meaningful friendships with. This is what Bratpack had as their inspiration in creating their Back-to-School campaign, #AlwaysInPacks, which highlights the brand of "camaraderie and collaboration" that we can only experience as students.

Being a brand that is there not only to sell top-notch items such as bags and other everyday essentials, but also offer their clients a different shopping experience, Bratpack makes sure that their offerings and campaigns are something that the youth can identify with and be empowered by. That’s why #AlwaysInPacks, being anchored on this objective, is made to be relatable for students. It aims to turn the idea of school from a solely stressful activity but an adventure that does not only expand our brains but also allow us to discover new horizons through the people we meet and the experiences we share with them.

To perfectly illustrate this idea, Bratpack teams up with Manila-based indie folk-rock band The Ransom Collective, composed of students from UP Diliman, to be their Campus Capers. The group met at school, forged friendship that started with a chance encounter, became a band that brought a refreshing new sound to the country's musical landscape, and did what they do best -- travel and go out and about the city -- together. They are then, without a doubt, #AlwaysInPacks.


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