31 May 2016

Curtismith catches billionaire Branson's attention

Photo by Kitkat Pajaro

Curtismith continues his streak in turning heads with his rhyme and rhythm. And this time, it's renowned business magnate and philanthrophist Richard Branson who took notice. In the recently concluded ANC Leadership Forum in Manila, the rapper grabbed the opportunity to perform one of his earlier compositions, Going In For Life

"I'm that type of kid who dreams of shaking up the industry. I am hungry, I am driven, and everything in between. If you listen, I'm about to penetrate your soul. I'm a Filipino who's about to break the mold" spits Curtismith in his piece about his rough childhood and his perseverance to pursue his passion for the music industry. Richard Branson, founder of multinational branded venture capital congolemerate, Virgin Group, was all ears—impressed and touched by the rapper's verses. So much so that he instructed his staff to give his business card to the 22-year-old and even asked him to upload his demo to Virgin's blog.

Curtismith was entirely grateful for the exchange, still somewhat in utter disbelief since he considers the business magnate as one of his biggest influences growing up. He sums up the surreal encounter in his Instagram, "...in reality the only thing that matters is that I was able to speak to one of the biggest influences of my life and say a piece I would not have been able to write if it wasn't for him and his lessons. Hopefully this isn't the last interaction I have with the man himself @richardbranson there's still so much to learn."

Source: ABSCBN News


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