31 May 2016

Frencheska Farr releases Surf Song with Just the Trip Video

Summer may almost be over, but not according to Frencheska Farr’s newly launched Surf Song. Produced in collaboration with Nick Lazaro of Twin Lobster, Moonwlk, and Birdforms, Frencheska sings an ode to her love, weaved through the motions and exhilaration of surfing. Part of an EP slated to be released in the latter part of the year, the track has the makings of a summer anthem with head-bopping beats and hopeful words. The accompanying music video is as feel-good as the song, following the singer’s escape from the traffic of Manila to the waves of Baler. Released by online content producer Just the Trip and directed by Gino Jose, the video documents Frencheska’s adventures as she surfs, snorkels, and skateboards. Browse other exclusive content through Just the Trip’s Facebook page.


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