03 May 2016

Reese Lansangan sits down with Team Manila

Photos by Shutter Panda Photography and Andrea Beldua

Musician, collage artist, and all around creative Reese Lansangan continues to chase her passions, all the while having the spotlight shine on her. Team Manila recently sat down with Lansangan to answer a few questions about her herself and her music.

Reese has consistently been caught in the spotlight, whether it be for her art, her fashion sense, or her music. Lansangan recently lended her musical chops for Jason Magbanua’s nuptial video for Vic Sotto and Pauline Luna’s wedding. Written, performed, and arranged with the help of Choi Padilla and Allen Articulo, Reese Lansangan’s “Home” was the music used for the video. In her Facebook page, she said that “It's not every day that I am given the chance to tell a story other than my own silly thoughts and daily explorations,” and that “it's an honor to be allowed to paint their love story - in my own way.” Through her eclectic endeavors, she remains humble. Learn more about her in the interview with Team Manila here.

Check her Facebook page here and her website here.


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