11 May 2016

Ron Henley on how to dwell in solitude with his new song Ulila (Music Video)

For years, hip hop artists have regularly utilized the space they are provided with to go through lengths just to fully unload what they wish to express. From the regular two-verse songs to tracks topping a hundred lines or more, rappers are always up to the task. Ron Henley clocks three verses in his latest single titled "Ulila". To fully submerge his listeners, he released this one via a music video. The result are scenes that sufficiently accompany the gloomy images that Ron's words have painted. Klumcee's music definitely add to the atmosphere, aiding Ron's sketch of loneliness that will definitely come in hand on your times of sorrow. This music video is directed and edited by Ken Yamaguchi, and released under Artifice Records.


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