24 May 2016

Salad Day drops Lonely Tart Rangers Club Collection

If the Power Rangers were to dress up on a daily basis, sans the colorful spandex when they're out fighting the bad guys, we bet this is how they would look like.

Ultra-eccentric local fashion brand, Salad Day, is back at it again with their Summer 2016 collection aptly named Lonely Tart Rangers Club. Drawing inspiration from the superhero TV series that stole every kid's heart in the early '90's, the new collection features pieces in bold bursts of prints and color. Each ensemble embraces its quirks and doesn't shy away from crazy patterns. Some of the dominant features include tons of neon hues, a striking homage to Japanese fashion, a play on geometric figures, sequins and eye-catching patchwork.

While definitely for the breed of risk taking fashionistas, Salad Day's take on avant-garde streetwear pieces look way too fun to not have a space in your closet. Browse the full Lonely Tart Rangers Club collection here.

Source: Superhero


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