13 May 2016

Vibe with Ankhten Brown's new album Long Nights and Daydreams

If you want a nice flow of energy to your system, then better lend your ears to local emcee Ankhten Brown. His facebook page describes his music as a mixture of Rastafari, hip hop, and boom bap. Know for yourself with his latest album titled "Long Nights and Daydreams". This 14-song project provides the nice repertoire of rap skills that Ankhten has managed to develop. His voice already has a character of its own, but he still manages to provide more by mixing it up to flow well on each beat. Neil's Nutz produced most of the tracks, while Arceus Ditto provided the music for three songs. Ankhten also got some help from guest emcees headed by RBTO, Rjay Ty, and Alex.


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