29 June 2016

An Endless Summer with Enimal in their newest collection

Heavy downpours have started to make its weekly rounds in the Metro, signalling the end of yet another hot and humid summer season. And so it goes, we say hello to rainy days and gloomy skies. Enimal Clothing, however, refuses to let go of the summer season. Instead it gives us and our closets a promise; now, it's possible to own a piece of Mr. Golden Sun forever. Enter Enimal's summer catalog. There are two ends to the catalog's spectrum. On one end, the collection doesn't shy away from color, featuring bright bursts of it in their tie-dyed shirts. On another, the collection goes back to basics, featuring glimpses of the summertime in their minimalist designs. It's your call, really. You can shop and view their most recent collection here.


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