08 June 2016

Bins is XX XX's New Resident DJ

Photo by Andrei Suleik

Last May 18, the newest addition to their resident DJs has been introduced by XX XX / 20:20. His is a name that may sound all too familiar to electronic music fans who may have already seen him perform in the Metro's trending spots like Black Market, Bowery, and Today x Future. He is known for his broad musical knowledge and his knack for a wide range of genres. He can go from house, techno, breaks, garage, you name it. Or, if he feels like it, he can combine all the aspects and nuances of the varying genres he find fitting in a single set. More than a DJ, he is also the co-founder of label and collective of local musicians and beatmakers, BuwanBuwan. He goes by the name, Bins aka Vince Pante. And he is definitely one to behold.

In an interview with XX XX, he talks about his background, main influences, how he got started, and what he looks forward to. Read the full interview here, while you can stream his exclusive mix below from the feature.


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