02 June 2016

Converse Philippines introduces the Cons PH Skate Team

Our local skate scene is definitely booming. Skate shops are sprouting in different parts of the country, whether starting out on an online basis first or investing in a physical shop. Many local brands are also in that skate-inspired mood or are supportive of skating, in return having skaters get their first sponsorship through free apparel. Foreign brands sure know this, with some of them doing the same skate M.O. of putting a team of locals together. Converse Philippines is in such a course, as they formally introduce their crew of some of today's best Filipino rippers. Rasheed Al Rasheed, CL Paje, Kenneth Evangelista, Iking Diaz, and Jundin Santos are the proud riders of the One Star, ready to take on any terrain, anytime. Check out the intro video to get a glimpse of what these guys are capable of.


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