08 June 2016

Crate digging, record shopping and more at Satchmi Vinyl Day 2016

Video by Earl Roxas / Photos by Andrei Suleik and Maphie Bolalin

It has been over a month since Satchmi Vinyl Day, but we can’t seem to get over how eventful the day was. Held last April 30 at UP Town Center, vinyl collectors and music lovers alike started flocking the amphitheater as early as noon to get a hold of rare records and other goods from Satchmi’s partner retailers. From handcrafted leather goods to air plants and succulents, even print magazines and hand-drawn art, the brands present that day embody the lifestyle Satchmi aims to uphold. Foodies were also delighted with a number of independent food and beverage brands all serving up tasty treats and thirst-quenching drinks.

Come two in the afternoon, the place was already filled with good music and equally good vibes as live music performances have already begun giving our ears an orgasmic treat. With Diego Mapa rolling in the classics with his vast vinyl collection, the succeeding acts had a tough act to follow, and they certainly lived up to everyone’s excitement.

If you missed this year’s Satchmi Vinyl Day, or you just simply want to reminisce, here’s a quick video recap of the event and a few photos.


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