09 June 2016

Field of Milk and Honey Exhibit by Paolo Ruiz

Photographer and Director, Paolo Ruiz, debuts in the gallery world through his exhibit, "Field of Milk and Honey". Ruiz is known for digital projects, mostly creative beauty shorts such as his video series collaboration with cinematographer, Tristan Salas. Today, Ruiz is presenting a different kind of photography style, one that he recently enjoys doing which is all over his Instagram account. The black and white, people- and emotion-focused manner is striking and seems to speak to him strongly. He takes this current aesthetic and applies it to his older photos to reproduce that same effect, honest, straightforward and emotional. "Field of Milk and Honey is an attempt to document "the kids" in their most reverent state as they're lost in a sea of music and pure audial bliss; when there's no better place to be." Ruiz explains. While you can see some photos here, the full collection can be seen at the exhibit which launches today at the Altro Mondo in Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences at 6pm.


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