15 June 2016

Filipino Skaters show skills in the Skatezophrenia "Made in the Philippines" Video

In the skateboarding scene, video coverage is the most important nurturing that can help start a skate career. But for a third world country like the Philippines, it is much harder to walk this path. Yes, highly-capable cameras are everywhere. But the tight competition due to very few prospect sponsors begs for a top-notch output from an aspirant. Good thing there are people like filmer/editor Alken Estrada of Godhood Academy, whose skate video series project - Skatezophrenia has definitely helped skaters to where they are today. Here is his latest output, titled "Made in the Philippines". The video starts with a powerful first part, shared by handrail killer Mark Fernandez and some clips from all-around shredder Rasheed Al Rasheed. Coming through with solid sections are Aljon Bacsal, Louie Enconado, and Alphonsus Mandigma. Definitely deserving of the last part, CL Paje lets his smooth style do the talking. What stands out, though, is his arsenal of flip tricks, which he utilized well in tackling all the gaps presented to him.


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