01 June 2016

Hip hop producer B-Roc releases Instrumental album, Gillea

Local hip hop mainstay Bong Andres aka B-Roc is the man behind Soulfiesta and Turbulence Productions. Well-respected in the scene, his music has blessed projects of notable emcees such as Gloc-9, Bambu, Marquiss, and Nimbus9. This time, he comes up with a new instrumental album more than three years after releasing "This Is Your Captain Speaking". Ride the vibe with this six-track project titled "Gillea". Released last Mother's Day, B-Roc dedicated this album to his girlfriend Adeline Gillea. Listening to each song is a peek to the producer's soul. Every sample chopped breathes what was learned from the past, which B-Roc guides and renders to how our generation can aptly receive.


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