06 June 2016

Jordy Navarra Unveils Toyo Eatery to Showcase the Best of the Philippines

Photos and full story from Pepper.ph

Dexterous, ambitious, creative, and crazy, if you ask me, are the words that could describe Chef Jordy Navarra. And it is these qualities that is behind his greatest work yet - following his first act that was the Black Sheep. Upon establishing his new restaurant, Toyo Eatery, Navarra again proves his genius and commitment to turning his maddest, off-kilter ideas into the incredibly intense dishes that they are now. Who else would imagine that Patis, the condiment that usually comes from fish, can be created using squid and crabs - regardless of how disgusting the process may be? These crazy experiments, in turn, make way for the reinvention of familiar and once-ordinary flavors. To name one, Toyo Eatery offers grilled belly and loin of Bangus with Silog which serves as proof that there can be more to our usual "Bangsilog" than the dried flakiness that we've grown accustomed to and the boring garlic rice with egg on the side that's either too dry or too oily. Toyo Eatery's version features slowly-cooked and grilled bangus that has a plump, pillowy texture paired with umami-packed silog that is comparable to the Chinese lo mai ga wrapped in lotus leaf.

More than talent and commitment though, Navarra also exposes his love for all things Filipino through different elements found in Toyo. Most of the decors in the restaurant were made by local artisans. There's the Capiz light fixtures by Milo Naval, Acacia tables by Diretso, and Rattan chairs by E. Murio. This only shows that he aims to champion the Filipino, and he does so not only through his creations that brings a twist to the Pinoy classics.

Head on over to Pepper.ph to see more of what's in store for you at Toyo Eatery. To visit them personally, they are located at The Alley at Karrivin Plaza, 2316 Chino Roces Avenue in Makati. You can know more about them on their Facebook or Instagram accounts.


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