13 June 2016

KLTRD launches Midyear Collection and the Stargate Skate Team Coach Jacket

Streetwear label KLTRD guides us to their early days through the pieces of their Midyear Collection. The two t-shirts in this batch circles around the roots that spawned the brand. They came up with a black tee that has the "K" of their logo printed on it. On the said letter is a pair of worn-out sneakers, an ode to their brand name which came from a term they coined for footwear "beaters". They also have a grey shirt with a white printing of "MKT City" in bold sans serif letters. Also part of the collection are two 5-panel caps; one in black with gold logo embroidery, while the other is in a grey and black color scheme. Their upcoming release also includes their collaboration project with the Stargate Skate Team from Makati City - a coach jacket built for the rainy days. It is constructed using a tafetta fabric, to become drizzle-proof. Release date is on July 2, stay tuned for their event set in Bangkal, Makati. Festivities will include a skate competition and an alley cat race. See the full lookbook below and the exclusive short video featuring the Stargate Skate team.


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