17 June 2016

Laguna-based Emcee Gnarrate releases Debut EP "Koronasyon"

Hip hop emcee from Laguna, Gnarrate (or Generating Noble Astute Revolutionary Rhymes Against The Establishment) has launched his 7-track debut EP entitled Koronasyon, the latest to join the resurgence of the local hip hop scene. Gnarrate’s roots is grounded in poetry, and this influence is unmissable in his maiden effort. He does not shy away from narrating the realities of creating revolutionary art in an industry saturated by mass production, calling out people’s neglect of the environment in pursuit of progress, and being relentless in pursuit of passion despite countless setbacks. With tracks produced by jop, mSBeats, and Chrizo, this EP is a debut to take note of. Click here to get a copy of the EP or stream it below.


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