27 June 2016

Listen and vibe to "Nasanay" of Lenses

The pop-jazz quartet formerly known as Hidden Nikki has reinvented themselves with their new monicker, Lenses. Back in a big way, the band--consisting of Gilbert Asuque on drums, Aaron Gonzales on guitars and vocals, Jason Conanan on bass, and Denise Santos on piano and vocals--has released their new single in collaboration with renowned musicians in the industry. Entitled "Nasanay", the track features the likes of Bras Pas Pas' Roxy, Wowi and Pards, and the horns section of Radio Active Sago. Regardless of the change in name, the musical approach stays the same, but from the new music we've heard, only better. The new single has all the elements for it to become last song syndrome worthy: suave, charming, compelling, and with hypnotic clever lyrics to boot. All that and the show stopping performance we are given an inside look to


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