02 June 2016

LustBass releases new The Warmth Of Your Sun EP

If you're looking for a soundtrack to complement that classy house party you've always wanted to host, a laidback Saturday afternoon, or a chill wine night, LustBass' new EP has got you covered. The Warmth Of Your Sun's tracklist is yet another testament to Manila-based producer Allan Malabanan's unmistakable prowess in soulful beats. It pays homage to jazz and modern music, marrying elements of R&B, funk, and blues into a fresh and stylish medley. The EP is an ode to the concepts of love and distance, and how both concepts can work together rather than against. As LustBass puts it, "Through the darkest and coldest of nights from distances far and wide, I still find peace and gratitude. For inevitably in my heart, the warmth of your sun will greet me at dawn."

His trademark suave lounge throb seamlessly layered with instrumentals will surely take you on a new electronica high with this record. You can download The Warmth Of Your Sun for free here or have a listen below.


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