16 June 2016

The Sound of Reality in the Stick Figgas new song, Mukha Ng Pera (Music Video)

Stick Figgas is a hip hop group that started out as a four-piece force back in 2001. Then life happened, which led to Loonie and Ron Henley continuing the Stick Figgas as a duo. March 2007, they managed to release their debut album titled "Critical Condition". Nine years later, and Stick Figgas is now much bigger and more diverse. With a soulful siren on the third mic, and a full band blasting tunes, fans are definitely ecstatic about their second project "Realistick". Check out the second song from the said album titled "Mukha Ng Pera". The lyrics guides us through days of hunger and poverty, leading to questions on how money affects our daily lives and our views of reality. They then took inspiration from the Philippines' money bills to come up with the visuals. The music video is directed by Paolo Abella and produced by Artifice Records. 


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