27 June 2016

The Artisan's Collection IX deep-rooted in DIY

The words “I wish I could fix all the things I break” is not something you’d expect from a clothing brand, but The Artisan’s pensive words serves as a mantra of sorts for the brand’s newly released Collection IX. Made up of unconventional pieces like patched Battle Dress Uniforms (BDUs) and cut and pasted tees, the collection reaffirms The Artisan as a DIY brand bringing back the beauty of workmanship to a mass produced industry. Brothers Carlos and Julio Del Prado wear the pieces, shot in collaboration with local photographers and artists Sonny Thakur, Judd Figuerres, Neil Dordines, Cesca Lee, Kevin Dizon, Robert Samson, Denice Salvacion, Joseph Rey and Alby Rubio. View the rest of the collection here.


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