10 June 2016

Watch why Siargao should be next in your Travel and Surf Bucket List

Away from the hustle and the bustle of the Metro, there's a humble island off Surigao del Norte that epitomizes serenity and pure bliss. Siargao is the name and it's definitely the place to be. In this short documentary by Sebastien Gilbert, we are given a glimpse of the island's natural beauty, where the pristine waters and the tranquil scenery serve as the perfect backdrop for a good surf. The film also features the locals who helped shape the surfing scene, specifically in famous surf spot "Cloud 9". 

It's a place where anyone can be part of a community that thrives in simplicity and kindred spirits. It's a place where you can tune everything out, lay down your sorrows, and calm the city's noise. If anything, this video will send you packing to your next flight out, and this time it's to Siargao.


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