25 July 2016

A Raw Depiction of the Local Skate Culture through the SLOWBURN Skate Film by Stargate

Coming straight out of Makati City, Stargate is a skate lifestyle brand that's run by a collective of local skaters. The main objective of Stargate is to showcase their love for skateboarding and everything else that comes with it, from the DIY culture up until the music and style influences it expresses. And to showcase their brand's philosophy even more, they worked with Aris Bantug to create a Skate Film to do just that.

SLOWBURN was birthed through Bantug and Stargate's collaboration, it is a Stargate skate video that reveals a myriad of ideas and influences that make up the brand and its community. It shows an unfiltered look into the growing Filipino skate culture. A poweful presentation of the process of skateboarding. It features various top local skaters such as; Jordy "JC" Barreyro, June "Junebag" Braga, Pao Mendoza, Rap Santos, Demi Cuevas and Jeff Gonzales. The 22-minute film is worth the watch if you're looking for an authentic digital experience of the modern skate culture. 

Aris Bantug and Stargate thanks the following: Oliver Velasco, Michal Sinczak, Louie Enconado, Jundin Santos, Billy Abalos and Allen Renzo Dizon (Illustrations)


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