18 July 2016

Anonymous local rapper Calix completes his debut album Breakout Satirist

Back in 2014, the hip hop world was sent abuzzed by then-anonymous New York-based emcee Your Old Droog. The main reason behind the hype was the speculation that the name is an alter ego of legendary rapper Nas. He later unveiled himself, then sold out his first concert at the legendary Webster Hall, New York City. This is one of the things that comes to mind concerning local emcee Calix. Nobody knows him, but more and more hip hop heads are tuning in, anticipating each release to add to the curiosity, and hopefully to find clues if maybe he is an established artist disguised as a rookie emcee. He started out last year, using his Facebook account and Soundcloud page to share his music. The first track he released titled "Intro" started the tone, with Calix unleashing his wrath on the country's most powerful political families. On and on the songs kept coming, 14 in all, each one adding traction to the fanfare. Most notable among them are the drug scene-related "Mumunting Tala" and "The Peon Hour", an anthem for those who are getting tired of their taxes ending up in the pockets of corrupt politicians. Now all the tracks are compiled, set under the album title "Breakout Satirist". Click here to download the album for free.


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