19 July 2016

Complex Lifestyle Store Explores how to best Capture Memories of your Weekend Getaway

You may be over and done with Instagram posts taken in the urban setting that look canned and reposted a hundred times. Worry not. There are ways to keep your grid looking tastefully curated and more organic. For one, get out of the city and go a mile or two further for a well-photographed getaway. Grab your friend, your trusty camera or mobile, pick a destination, and put on your outdoor-appropriate outfits.

Match your outfit with your current mood and setting. Getaways should be fun and carefree, so wear pieces that make you feel exactly the same way. Light fabrics, cropped hems, and comfy sneakers are great choices. While you’re outside, make the most of the natural lighting and you won’t need to use any filter.

Shoot your travel gear differently. The thing is, it doesn’t always have to be a flat one. Make your favorite bag or shoe the focus of your photo. Get creative with your set-up. You can tie up your kicks on a wire fence or hang your bag on a tree. The more unexpected it is, the better.

Be ready for anything. Nature, especially water, is a great backdrop for an adventurous shoot. Whether you’re going for a dip, lounging by the lake, or hopping on a boat, your photo will show that you’re having a fly time outside the city.

Try and capture candid moments. Take spontaneous photos or videos of your friends walking, talking, and just having fun. Photos like these always translate a sense of authenticity. Besides, you get to keep great moments to remember.

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