09 July 2016

Groove to June Marieezy and FKJ's #Amsterjam

It's crazy how two artists, when given the chance to be in an environment where they can vibe off each other well, can effortlessly create something out of nothing. In this case, it's local songstress June Marieezy and rising Parisian electronic artist FrenchKiwiJuice's, more known as FKJ, jam session at the Red Bull Studios in Amsterdam that has us believing in magic. Spontaneous jams turn into quite the masterpiece as June's enchanting vocals fill the room. This, coupled with FKJ's signature on the spot beats featuring smooth blends of sax and keys, make for a soulful head-bopping track filled with good vibes perfect for this weather. Drop everything and have a listen to the duo's "Amsterjam" now and experience musical nirvana. It's bound to be on loop in your playlist, we tell you.


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