21 July 2016

Have a listen to Stranger, Earl of Manila's 3-Track debut EP

Earl of Manila's debut EP, Stranger, hits all the right notes on love and heartbreak. The tracklist consists of three songs, each with a story to tell. For instance, the first track, Catching Feelings is the musical equivalent of that magical moment when you catch yourself liking someone more than you should, entranced and transfixed by the other's presence and having constant butterflies in your stomach. Only One, meanwhile, quickly strays away from the latter's happy tune, shifting to a more emotional piece with a little more rap and a little more rawness. After all, he's on the receiving end of the heartache. Stranger, the titular track, rounds out the EP, which is reminiscent of old school Usher (remember his Burn days?). In the song, Earl laments about that "unfamiliar feeling" when the person who used to be your everything turns out to be just someone you used to know (I don't know you no more, he sings).

Photo by Poi Jakosalem from Amplify.ph

Also known as Earl Limjoco, the singer-songwriter's prowess for mixing the soul, pop, and R&B of the early 2000's with modern contemporary beats shines bright here. If anything, it deserves to have a place in your 'sawi' playlist. Have a listen to Earl of Manila's EP here:


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